The Invisible Landscape is a web-based interactive installation created and hosted on JSPatcher [2], mainly relying on WebAudio technology to produce sound with effects in real-time. Four different audio-visual scenes based on the real-life of two Asian cities are prepared into interactive programs, including recorded sound samples, photos, and videos. In a web browser, the audience is allowed to explore and customize a soundscape by manipulating the provided user interface.

The work aims to explore the interwoven memories between Hong Kong and Taiwan and their extension to the present-day – observing both regions from different perspectives of time and space. In this platform, participants will control a machine that can travel through time and space. They will look for the sonic clues left in different scenes, discover, connect, and superpose different soundscapes, and create their own stories. The seemingly unrelated sound scenes are indeed a story that spans generations, a story of migration, collision, and fusion.

The main body of the work is based on field recording and street photography from the two regions. Through pre-recorded and real-time processing, the implementation of urban environmental noise, and instrumental music, authentic and virtual audio will overlap with the musical narration, blurring the lines between what is real and not. This will create an augmented virtual soundscape – a platform where the virtual world can combine and interact with the real world in various forms.